Rouse Raider Robotics

Who Are We?

The Rouse Raider Robotics Team, or R-Cubed, is a robotics team from Rouse High School in Leander, TX. Since 2016, we have participated in FRC Competitions and spreading the STEM joy in our community. Our accomplishments in FRC Competitions include:

• FIRST Robotics Competition State Creativity Award 2019

• FIRST Robotics Competition District Creativity Award 2019

• Rookie All Star Award 2019

• Alliance Captain Pasadena District

• Quarter finalist at Touring World Championship 2019

• World Championship Alliance Partners 2019

And many more to come! Join us on our journey to grow and serve in our community, all while having fun.


As a proud member of the FIRST Robotics competition, R-Cubed is spreading the true meaning of robotics and sparking STEM interest in the community. We have more than tripled our membership in the 2019 season, with over thirty new members. In this season alone, the team has conducted three elementary outreach events, with many more to come in the future. In efforts to represent ourselves as a FIRST team, we have implemented changes to our program and are becoming the team we are striving to be.